Canada Flight Supplement (CFS)

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The Canada Flight Supplement contains essential information and ground plates for all Canadian aerodromes. It also contains route planning information, communications information - basically everything a VFR or IFR pilot needs. Aerodromes are divided by first letter. For example, if you are looking for the Toronto Pearson airport (CYYZ), click the T - Aerodromes link.

Remember that these charts are expired and should never be used for real world navigation, but only for flight simulation.

A - Aerodromes Q - Aerodromes
B - Aerodromes R - Aerodromes
C - Aerodromes S - Aerodromes
D - Aerodromes T - Aerodromes
E - Aerodromes U - Aerodromes
F - Aerodromes V - Aerodromes
G - Aerodromes W - Aerodromes
H - Aerodromes Y - Aerodromes
I - Aerodromes Z - Aerodromes
J - Aerodromes  
K - Aerodromes General pages
L - Aerodromes Flight planning
M - Aerodromes Navigation and communications
N - Aerodromes Military procedures
O - Aerodromes Emergencies
P - Aerodromes  

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